About the 2016 Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair

How much does it cost to attend the bookfair?

Nothing. Zero. It’s free! But we are happy to take your donations at the event to help fund next years bookfair!

Who is organizing this event?

The bookfair is organized by a small collective of local residents from varying collectives around the city. We share a diversity of backgrounds and experience, and we struggle to create a bookfair that can hopefully reflect the diversity which is Los Angeles.

Do I have to be an anarchist to attend?

No! We encourage everyone to explore anti-authoritarian ideas and models for organizing. Since we are not a top down movement or political party, our tactics, ideas and avenues for social change vary. We encourage everyone to engage locally in their neighborhoods, network with like minded organizers, develop new strategies, learn new techniques for fighting injustice, and maintain autonomy and flexibility wherever needed. Indeed, it is our flexibility in action that gives us collective power, especially when we network together.

Will there be childcare available?

Yes! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

How do I get in touch with the organizers if I am a member of the press?

Please Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP!

More Questions?

Please Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP!

Press Release


2016 Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair to Host Hundreds from Across the City and Across the Country
Join Us for a day of Workshops, Books, and Music

October 8, 2016

Saturday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at Cielo Galleries – Bookfair, Workshops, Speakers

Cielo Galleries
3201 Maple Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90011

Press Contact: info@la.anarchistbookfair.com
Website: https://la.anarchistbookfair.com

LOS ANGELES, CA – Please save the date for Saturday, October 8th, 2016, for the Sixth Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair at Cielo Galleries! Please join us as we relaunch this radical space for discussion and organizing after a three-year hiatus. This year’s bookfair themes are displacement, gentrification, and ecological crisis.

As members of the Bookfair Collective, we believe it is critical to express protest and rebellion against the highly authoritarian capitalist-State system that by its very nature offers nothing more than endless war, vast social inequality, and utter ecological ruin. We seek to promote solidarity and unity among the various struggling communities of Los Angeles, Southern California, and the occupied region of the U.S. Southwest.

In light of the ongoing mass-refugee crisis, ever-worsening climate change, and the profound plight of the global working classes as juxtaposed with an explosion in the number of billionaires worldwide and the mirror-image of the international resurgence of the far-Right, we feel it is necessary to bring this space back as a testament to the realities and potentialities of popular resistance movements in Southern California and beyond.

We believe that anarchist ideas and practices retain all their relevance today, and are indeed more important now than ever before, especially amidst the depth of imperialist militarism and ecological destruction for which capitalism is responsible.

How we advance collective counter-power against a system that is prepared to destroy humanity and nature simply to uphold privilege and irrationality is our challenge. We hope you will join us in asking the questions, finding the answers, and discovering the joy and power of solidarity in the struggle for the creation of a better world.

You can download applications to present a workshop or be present at the bookfair as a vendor by accessing our website at https://la.anarchistbookfair.com. Admission to the bookfair is free of charge. We are currently seeking sponsors who wish to support this year’s fair. We hope to see you on October 8th!

Love and solidarity,

The LA Anarchist Bookfair Collective

For a full schedule of workshops, speakers and vendors, please visit our website at https://la.anarchistbookfair.com

Admission to the bookfair is free of charge

This years bookfair is sponsored by Cielo Galleries and KPFK 90.7 FM


Principles of Unity

Principles of Unity – LA Anarchist Bookfair Collective

1. We reject capitalism and all other forms of authoritarianism, including but not limited to patriarchy, white supremacy, statism, militarism, feudalism, imperialism, colonialism, ableism, ageism, heterosexism, and speciesism.

2. We recognize the importance of process to social change. How we organize now prefigures the new world we are building. We are committed to developing respectful, non-hierarchical relationships based on trust and solidarity, from the interpersonal to group dynamics. How we function socially with each other is a living example of the world we want to build. Abusive behavior is not tolerated.

3. We are committed to the development of direct, participatory democratic processes that are open and transparent to its membership. A prerequisite to participation in the decision-making process within our collective is the commitment of one’s labor to the group.

4. We favor self-management in all aspects of life: economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological.

5. As transitional means toward the end of collective liberation, we support syndicalism, radical community organizing, direct action, autonomism, councilism, libertarian municipalism, mutual aid, dual power, the Commune, and the general strike.

6. We express our solidarity with all those oppressed by the existing system, including women, children, LGBTQI individuals, Indigenous peoples, people of color, workers, the unemployed, the poor, refugees, migrants, and the homeless.

7. We declare ourselves to be internationalists and humanists, enemies of settler-colonialism and war, whether prosecuted by imperialist powers or “anti-imperialist” regimes.

8. We reject individualism, nihilism, and defeatism as serving the established system, and we repudiate identity politics, which essentialize groups of people politically along racial, ethnic, or sexual lines, thus fragmenting the movement. We also manifest our rejection of “national anarchism” and related third-positionist attempts to meld the liberatory impulse of anarchism with such retrograde ideologies as chauvinism and fascism.

9. We further declare our sympathy for non-human life and the millions of other species with which we share this planet; we express our opposition to pollution, ecocide, global climate catastrophe, and the instrumentalization of the natural world, as well as to the factors impelling these.

10. As an alternative to the myriad horrors of the capital-State system, we advance the cause of libertarian socialism, by which we mean a classless, stateless movement of movements that would put an end to the vast irrationality, brutality, injustice, and suffering for which capital is responsible.