Oh God, No Masters: Intro to Biblical Anarchism & Catholic Worker

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Located in 3333 W. 43rd Pl.

Theo Kayser

Bio: Theo Kayser has been a Catholic Worker for over seven years. He currently lives and works at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker where he is part of an intentional community that runs a soup kitchen on LA’s Skid Row. He has been to jail for protesting militarism and nuclear weapons, run from tear gas in Ferguson and has warrant out for his arrest for disrupting Donald Trump, all in attempt to take the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth seriously.

Description: Christian Anarchism is a term considered to be an oxymoron by Christians and anarchists alike. While a handful of texts have been used historically by Christians to justify the state and other oppressive institutions this reading of the Bible ignores the central theme of the text as a whole, liberation. From the foundational story where God sides with slaves against the empire of Egypt to the state sanctioned execution of Jesus of Nazareth, God reveals herself to be amidst those struggling against oppression.

Decentralization and anti-imperial rearrangement of social interactions are key to understanding the ethics of God as liberator. The Catholic Worker Movement has concerned itself for 85 years with taking this message seriously. By not waiting for either church or state to intervene on behalf of the oppressed the Catholic Worker has attempted to address the immediate needs of those pushed to the margins of society while at the same time attempting to challenge those institutions that perpetuate oppression.