Psyco Therapy

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Located in KAOS Network


Bio: Soyla, collective organizer since 2013, and continued organizing with Ovarian Psycos, Undeportables, Comida No Bombas, Casa Solidaria Del Sur, East Side Cafe, and many more. Substance abuse counselor, graduated with an MA in child psychology from (input a stupid universities name) and continued accomplice of all forms in resisting and dismantling this patriarchal system of oppression.

Description: Destroying mental health stigma and its relationship to burn outs in grass root collective organizing. A self help support group, self sustainable, anti-capitalist, horizontal structure of sharing experience in preventative circles, from people of color, for people of color. Breaking down societal conditions of oppression that have been perpetuated by our own process of socializing. How to structure a self help support group and the do’s and don’ts to mental health.

Please note and respect that this is a workshop meant only for people of color.